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doron_amedey (Doron Amedey)
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  Nov 25, 2004

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 #1  נשלח: ה' 28/07/2005 8:00

שימו לב חברים, למי שיש את ESSENTIALS צריך להוסף $40 ויש ל-TV את הנתונים הבאים:

FREE integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with listings from Tribune Media Services.
Support for third-party EPG services based on XMLTV.
Multi-tuner viewing, timeshifting and recording with conflict detection and no additional license fees.
Search and browse recorded programs by time, channel, keyword, title, cast, or any custom-defined categories. Leverage the full power of the Meedio platform to customize the experience that fits you best.
Search scheduled broadcasts by time, by channel, by title, by keyword, or by cast and credits.
Recordings automatically added to the Meedio media library.
Supports external tuners through composite and S-Video inputs.
One-time or repeating recordings with repeat detection and prioritization.
Records in a background process when Meedio is not running.
Auto-delete recordings, manage hard drive space, and create recording quality profiles.
On-screen configuration wizard.
Manages special European channel and frequency assignments.
When used with Meedio Essentials, provides a seamless and fully customizable interface to digital photos, music, movies, news, weather, games and over 200 application plugins.
Plus, all Meedio TV customers will be eligible for FREE upgrades to upcoming updates that include support for HDTV, DVB, remote / client tuners, and a web interface.

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